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  • All covers and canopies should be removed. Although they may be all right on a mooring in gale force winds, for some reason the crosswinds of a motorway seem to work them loose. Any covers left on would be at your risk. If we deemed it dangerous we reserve the right to remove them.

  • All warps and fenders should be stowed safely away.

  • Outdrives legs (if applicable) should be fully raised to beach position.

  • Aerials should be folded down, hatches made secure and boat hooks etc stowed away.

  • Depending on the size of the vessel and where it is going to be delivered, the following may need to be stowed away: propellers, rudders, radar arch, light masts, screens etc.

  • Tenders on davits - in some cases these can be left attached, but they will need to be made very secure and suitably packed to avoid any chafing.

  • It is recommended that you switch off water, gas, electric and fuel supplies.

  • Remove any hazardous materials.

  • Down below, stow away any loose items or remove from the vessel. Make sure all doors, cupboards and drawers are secure.

A guide to preparing a motor boat for transport:

The above preparation should be carried out by the owner, boatyard or owner's agent prior to the day of transport. However, our drivers are happy to help or assist. As all boats are slightly different, even the same model of boat can vary in height as extras are attached during her life. Therefore, please feel free to call us prior to the move date, so that between us we can decide what will need to be removed.